nuMotus FileRunner

The nuMotus FileRunner application will allow the customer to set up a secure link to the File Gateway server . The application/tool will be downloaded from the internet and the customer will be guided through the process during installation. Three encryption keys will be generated to establish a secure link and transfer files over this secure link.
The FileRunner will be an up-front payment tool. There are two options available to the customer;
• A manual file transmission option, or The customer will manually upload and transfer the files.
• An automated file transmission option The customer will drop any number of files in a folder and the files will be automatically picked up by the tool and transmitted to the destination.

The following is an overview of the process:


The following are the actions
• Customer must make sure they have an internet connection.
• Connect to the link supplied and download the nuMotus FileRunner application.
• Install the nuMotus FileRunner application.
• Run the FileRunner application.
• Complete all the details as required.
• FileRunner will generate encryption keys for the certificate, PGP and the link.
• Email the keys to the destination and let them install the keys.
• Once confirmation has been received that the keys have been installed, the customer can submit the first file.