nuMotus PGP Module

  • The netUP nuMotus services enables transfers between multiple destinations
  • Encryption of the transfers are a standard feature
  • Some customers prefer encrypting data with PGP
  • netUP provides a PGP module for encryption and decryption for SFTP endpoints
  • Additional layer on the standard software stack

How Does nuMotus PGP module work

  • Create a folder on the Windows or Linux server
  • Configure as “PGP” folder within the nuMotus service
  • Create the PGP key-pair within the folder definition
  • The public key is shared by the user (destination) to the customer (source)
  • File is encrypted by the customer with the PGP public key
  • File transmitted to the nuMotus Direct engine via SFTP
  • File is decrypted using the PGP private key and directly encrypted using nuMotus standard software. This is transcription as it happens in a single pass.
  • File is placed on the user server and decrypted by the nuMotus Agent.

(The Opposite is true for transfers in the opposite direction)

Example of typical PGP

By implementing the PGP Module you will

  • Have an additional layer of security on your transfers
  • Have your files secure and encrypted
  • Meet your business compliancy demands which requires PGP specifically
  • Send and receive encrypted data from a SFTP server
  • Meet your SLA’s