nuMotus Direct

netUP provides the nuMotus software suite that consists of four products. netUP nuMotus Direct (for installations and direct management and monitoring at the client site – use by larger organisations); netUP nuMotus Cloud (for monitoring and management remotely via the internet cloud – used by medium - and small organisations); netUP nuMorus fileUP for ad hoc transfers and netUP nuMotus nuView for credit card mechant data.

nuMotus Cloud

netUP nuMotus Cloud is an internet cloud based solution to enable transfers between multiple destinations. The internet transfer service is hosted by netUP and a potential customer can connect to this service via any commercially accepted internet connectivity, e.g. ADSL, own network, 3G, 4G, HSDPA, etc.


netUP nuMotus nuView is a service that netUP provides to assist credit card merchants to reconcile their point-of-sale (POS) transactions to the actual transactions processed by the bank. The reconciliation of these two ends have proven very difficult for the merchants as the total amounts sent and totals processed never seem to tie up.

nuMotus FileRunner

The nuMotus FileRunner application will allow the customer to set up a secure link   The application/tool will be downloaded from the internet and the customer will be guided through the process during installation.  Three encryption keys will be generated to establish a secure link and transfer files over this secure link