netUP nuMotus nuView is a service that netUP provides to assist credit card merchants to reconcile their point-of-sale (POS) transactions to the actual transactions processed by the bank.  The reconciliation of these two ends have proven very difficult for the merchants as the total amounts sent and totals processed never seem to tie up.

How does it work?

There are two options available to the customers.

  • The first option is where netUP receives the information from the bank and formats it into a statement format for a customer.  The customer will then log onto a web link that netUP provides and see all the successful transactions in statement format.  The transaction information is sorted in specific criteria.  This information can be viewed, downloaded or printed by the customer.
  • The second option is for customers that have their own IT development teams and that only require the statement data of the successful transactions.  For this purpose the customer needs to install a small netUP nuMotus agents and netUP will place the data, in flat file format, directly on the customers’ server for further processing by the customer.  The transfer is encrypted at source and decrypted at destination.

The totals displayed will correspond to the payments made by the bank to the customer for successful POS transactions and the details of the successful transactions that make up that amount is reflected accordingly.

Please note that the credit card account number is masked and never visible anywhere.  Enough details of the individual transactions are provided to enable a full match with original the point-of-sale (POS) transaction. 

What does the nuMotus nuView solution provide?

  • Gives the merchant full details of successful bank processed transactions for balancing purposes
  • Allows the merchant to develop an electronic reconciliation system (this can be developed by netUP on request)
  • Support from the netUP 24×7 Help Desk

By implementing the netUP nuMotus nuView Solution you will…..

  1. Have better control over your point-of-sale transactions
  2. Have your data securely available or downloaded
  3. Protects your clients’ card details as no credit card account numbers are used
  4. Meet your business growth demands
  5. Meet your balancing SLA’s